We Put the Spark into Commercial, Industrial and Urban Furniture in Brisbane

A spark is a flash of light that leaps at you from a scene, instinctively drawing your eye to it. It is also the spark of life that animates a particular space, a hidden soul which a skilled eye discerns and uses as a guide when seeking to more.

Spark Provides Benches, Bins, and Bollards in Perth

Spark Furniture, previously known as Street and Park Furniture, isn’t your usual outdoor furniture manufacturer. While we do offer a wide array of stock items, we pride ourselves on being high-end custom manufactures of superior and long-lasting more.

We Are the Source for Stylish Bollards, Public Seats, and Bins in Brisbane

The objects largely define the overall look of a place you'll find there, and no individual component is too lowly or utilitarian to make an impact. At Spark Furniture, we understand that and seek to extend our core aesthetic philosophy to more.

Spark Furniture Provides Quality Public Park Bench Seats in Perth

Formerly Street and Park Furniture, Spark Furniture is Perth’s preeminent manufacturer of public benches. We see outdoor furniture as a place where life happens. It’s possible to create a place of thought, reflection, interaction, or more.

Spark Furniture Bring the Most Stylish Public Seats, Bollards, and Bins to Adelaide

For more than a quarter-century, the design professionals at Spark Furniture have considered it their mission to design public spaces that capture the unique spirit of a particular location and outfits them with bespoke outdoor furniture and more.

When Are Seats, Benches, Bins, and Bollards in Melbourne More Than Just Seats? When Spark Furniture Gets Involved

When you consider public amenities in Melbourne - seats, benches, bins, and bollards - chances are you don't consider their impact beyond their most basic practical function. At Spark Furniture, however, we do - we see them as part of more.

Australian-Made Seats, Benches, and Bollards for Sydney Projects

You take great care in designing imaginative ways to use space and create community. Whether you’re working on a park improvement or structuring a retail area, you know that good design is the key to making the result comfortable to use more.

Urban Designs for Custom Outdoor, Commercial, and Industrial Furniture in Melbourne

Finding beautiful furniture that’s going to hold up in an outdoor setting can be a challenge by itself. Making that furniture stand out -- in a good way -- is even riskier still. When experimenting with new designs for commercial or industrial more.

Contact Spark for Custom Outdoor Commercial or Urban Furniture in Perth

Previously known as Street and Park Furniture, Spark Furniture takes a unique approach to the design and creation of commercial outdoor furniture. We don’t just see a bench; we see a spot where things can happen. Every day of our lives people more.

Custom Commercial, Outdoor, and Industrial Urban Furniture in Sydney

Your vision for a modern and functional Sydney space is coming together, after long last many pieces are in place, and you’re getting ready to declare it a victory. If the furniture's not in though, it’s not complete! Before the space is more.

Three Public Benches, Bins, and Seats Melbourne Can Learn From

When it comes to public furniture, there doesn’t have to be a cap on creativity. Good furniture design in shared spaces has an enormous effect on the look and feel of the result. Comfortable and fitting seating can be the difference between more.