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Five Benefits of Town, Park and Street Furniture Suppliers in Landscape Architecture

As more people move into urban areas, demand for housing dictates that homes become smaller and people spend more time in public spaces. Street furniture in landscape architecture can help to make open spaces safe and welcoming for city dwellers. At Spark Furniture we design, construct, and install street furniture throughout Australia that is not only functional but attractive and integrates with the environment.

Ways in Which Spark Furniture’s Town and Park Furniture Benefit People:

  • Safety: Sidewalks can be divided into four zones: kerb, furniture, pedestrian, and frontage. The kerb is where the street with vehicle traffic transitions to the sidewalk. Street furniture such as bollards, guard rails, and large planters are positioned in the furniture zone just inside the kerb and serve as passive protection to guard pedestrians from motor vehicles in the street. This area can also contain other street furniture such as bus shelters, drinking fountains and bicycle racks.
  • Community: Public spaces play a vital role to develop community ties, and street furniture helps to make public spaces welcoming. Park furniture design such as a grouping of benches, picnic tables or playground furniture can provide an attractive gathering point for young and old in the neighbourhood.
  • Green space: Street furniture suppliers can help to address the problem of urban heat stress and the blight of large paved areas. At Spark Furniture we actively promote the creation of green areas with tree guards and large planters for paved areas. An exciting new concept in urban landscape architecture is parklets. A parklet is an extension of the sidewalk, usually covering several parking spaces in a parking lane. Parklets help to take back street space from urban areas and convert them into an environmentally friendly amenity where people can gather and relax. In Sydney, a study has shown that business owners are in favour of giving up parking space in front of shops for the development of parklets; a parklet can provide room for 6 – 12 customers in the space that a car with one customer would typically occupy.
  • Waste management: An essential function of town and park furniture is waste management. For people to enjoy public spaces, they must be kept clean. Litter bins and recycling bins enable people to dispose of their waste in public places responsibly. Litter bins are usually not considered the most attractive feature in open sections, but this perception is changing. Bins can be covered in cladding to harmonise with their surroundings or offer opportunities in the community to serve as advertising boards, or they can be decorated with art.
  • Bicycle storage: More people in urban areas are cycling than ever before. Using a bicycle rather than a car saves the environment, is a quicker form of transport in rush hour, and cycling is also healthy. The availability of cycle parking encourages people to make a habit of using their bicycles around town.

At Spark Furniture our design and development team have innovative ideas to make urban spaces attractive and user friendly with street furniture. We use environmentally sustainable materials, and all our products are manufactured in Australia. Contact us today to assist with your street furniture project, from design to delivery and installation.