Our Approach/  

Better cities begin at street level.

This has been our motto since 1988 and is reflected today, with renewed energy and vision, in all that we design and produce.

At SPARK, projects are collaborative efforts that begin with a brief, reviewed and researched by both our design and fabrication teams. Designs are drawn, modelled and analysed before the approved solution is given to our industrial designers who create the technical drawings for production. On the factory floor, production supervisors review the technical drawings with the fabrication team and carry out inspections throughout the manufacturing process to ensure a well-made and long lasting product. Completed projects are delivered to the client and installed by our experienced team with expert attention to detail.

Outstanding in their respective fields, our entire team bring a broad set of skills, extensive knowledge and many years of experience to the work that we do at SPARK. We truly take great pride in everything that we produce.