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Spark Furniture Provides Quality Public Park Bench Seats in Perth

Formerly Street and Park Furniture, Spark Furniture is Perth’s preeminent manufacturer of public benches. We see outdoor furniture as a place where life happens. It’s possible to create a place of thought, reflection, interaction, or even inspiration. We believe that furniture should be a part of its environment and surroundings rather than “sticking out.” While our premium-quality furniture is undoubtedly long-lasting and functional, we keep aesthetics in mind. With 25 years of experience with entirely Australian-made furniture, include dazzling custom pieces, we truly share our belief that better cities begin at the street level.

Our Park Bench Seats in Perth

We have an impressive array of stock public benches and can deliver one of a kind custom benches. In fact, we are known for our customised products as we are high-end manufactures that welcome a chance to create genuinely original items. We use only the highest-quality materials for our public seats which are sustainably sourced but designed with longevity in mind. After all, public benches see a lot of wear and tear plus have environmental issues to withstand. We construct these benches with blazing heat, bitter cold, wind, and rain in mind. Our high-performance materials include stainless steel, bronze, aluminium, hardwood, plastic concrete, and stone. Many of these elements are recycled which further demonstrates our commitment to sustainability.

Custom Public Park Benches

If you have an idea for a custom bench, we can create a finished product. In fact, we encourage customers to contact us to discuss custom items in the earliest stages as it saves time and resources. Spark Furniture will walk you through every step of a custom public bench from its initial concept to the final details of its construction. We will even give you a detailed explanation of the installation process. We put great care into every project and apply that same focus to our stock items. For custom items, our SparkLab is a hub for designers and fabricators to discuss and implement ideas and concepts. The lab also serves as a central hub for discussing new projects and products. We feel that by involving all parties at all stages during an item’s fabrication, people can understand the project at a deeper level. By truly knowing a product we can deliver the exemplary service and results that have created our excellent reputation.

Case studies of our public park bench seats include Erby Park and the Rundle Mall. When Parramatta approached us for a design that paid tribute to the roses that once grew in the park, we delivered a stunning result. The final product comprised abstract roses laser cut into metal which cast beautiful shadows while reducing heat. The Rundle Mall benches were based on a concept of very thick steel cut with a unique technique. We then utilised modular fabrication and installation to maintain aesthetics while reducing risk to the mall’s immaculate granite surface. If you need unique, high-quality public benches in Perth or elsewhere in Australia, contact us today to review our options whether they be stock items or your own design.