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Design Aspects to Consider When Ordering Urban, Industrial, and Park Furniture

At Spark Furniture we manufacture urban furniture that not only meets the requirements of the client but is designed to be durable and to enhance the space where it’s installed. From bollards and bike racks to tree guards and toilet blocks, our urban design furniture is purpose-made to unite people with the environment.

Urban Furniture Design Must be Suitable for the Location as Well as the Customer

When it comes to urban furniture design, location is key. The term ‘outdoors’ can encompass many different types of spaces from parks to street pavements, and how people utilise the area will affect the way that we design the furniture. When we conceive urban park furniture, for example, we ensure that the benches are spacious and comfortable, because we know that people like to sit and relax when nature surrounds them. On the other hand, when designing benches for a bus terminal in a busy walkway, they will be configured in a space-saving way to offer as many seats as possible during peak hour for people who wait only a few minutes for their transport to arrive.

Urban industrial furniture should not only look interesting but also be functional and ergonomically designed with the comfort of the user in mind. At SparkLab, our industrial designers, product fabricators, and customer service staff put their heads together to design furniture with the ease and needs of people in mind. In a seating area for seniors, armrests on benches are a necessity, while a park near a school should have playground equipment and benches lower to the ground for children. Are there many dog-walkers in the park? Why not add a hook for dog leads to the bench?

Durability and Maintenance of Outdoor Furniture

Because urban furniture is exposed to harsh outdoor conditions, it needs to be constructed using materials that can withstand the weather. Another consideration is low-maintenance solutions for furniture and surroundings that require frequent cleaning. Sleek design and smooth surfaces can help water to run off outdoor fixtures, while materials such as sustainably sourced hardwood timber and recycled aluminium offer beautiful furniture that is also durable. Not even urban industrial furniture is vandal-proof; if this is a concern, stronger materials such as stainless steel and cast bronze, and designs that are easier to repair can help to minimise the cost of maintenance.

When you commission Spark Furniture for your bespoke furniture, you need not be concerned about sustainability, availability, or sourcing of materials. We develop and use a wide variety of raw materials such as recycled plastics and composite woods as well as concrete and stone for our products, and everything we use is made in Australia.

With more than thirty years of experience, Spark Furniture is at the forefront of the urban landscape infrastructure industry. We can help with every stage of your project from concept development to final construction and installation. Contact us while you are still in the early stages of planning your project. Our experience can help you to save on time and costs.