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Australian-Made Seats, Benches, and Bollards for Sydney Projects

You take great care in designing imaginative ways to use space and create community. Whether you’re working on a park improvement or structuring a retail area, you know that good design is the key to making the result comfortable to use -- both pleasant and practical. From the overall look of a space to the materials used, you know how important it is to pay close attention to details that most would overlook.

As you put the finishing touches on your designs, finding features such as benches and bollards that live up to your standards is key to finishing the project off right. You know that furniture made from high-quality material, sourced entirely in Australia is going to have a significant impact on comfort and maintenance. Spark Furniture makes finding Australian-made pieces easy.

Not only is all our furniture crafted entirely from Australian material, but we also bring a discerning eye to selecting the materials we use. Like you, we’re looking out for how the materials we use will hold up in the environment they’ll be placed, how they’ll affect comfort and look, and how they’ll impact the environment.

What Goes into Spark Furniture’s Seats, Benches, and Bollards?

We’re excited to show you what goes into making Spark Furniture. You’ll know that the bollards used in your design project were not only created in Australia but that they’re made from sustainable material and will be easy to maintain after installation. Since we start with your design and needs, what goes into the furniture depends on you. You can see our statement on materials and finishes here which outlines how seriously we take material selection. Once we hear more about your project, we can help identify recycled or sustainable materials that will work for the pieces you’d like us to create.

The earlier you get in touch with us to discuss what you’re working on, the quicker we can get started on finding the perfect material for your designs. No matter the project, we have designs that will work for you. Once we’ve manufactured the pieces you need, installation is quick and easy!

After Installation: Spark Furniture is Easy to Maintain

One great bonus of using only high-quality material is that in addition to looking beautiful, it holds up well. You won’t have to watch your exquisite space transform into something less desirable as seats and benches go through regular Sydney use. Instead, Spark Furniture will hold up to the traffic of a big city like Sydney and continue to look superb long after installation.

Manufacturing custom furniture for public and high-occupancy spaces is what we do, meaning that after installation, we won’t disappear but will be available for work on post-installation issues or detailing to make sure everything looks terrific. It also means that long-term maintenance is just one of the things we naturally consider when creating new products and designs. Get in touch with Spark Furniture today to learn more about how we source sustainable and high-quality material and explore options for your outdoor project.