Custom Outdoor Commercial & Urban Furniture - Perth/  

Custom Outdoor Commercial & Urban Furniture - Perth

Previously known as Street and Park Furniture, Spark Furniture takes a unique approach to the design and creation of commercial outdoor furniture. We don’t just see a bench; we see a spot where things can happen. Every day of our lives people experience moments of interaction, thought, and inspiration. We want to help create these places with great furniture and our holistic approach. We’ve been in business for 25 years, and our furniture is entirely Australian-made in Adelaide which serves as our factory and an office location. We also have offices in Melbourne and trade throughout Australia.

Our Custom Outdoor Furniture for Perth and Surrounds

We believe that better cities begin at street level, and this philosophy is reflected by our nation’s beautiful cities. Spark Furniture isn’t just another commercial outdoor furniture manufacturer; we are specialty high-end custom manufacturers who are not afraid of varied materials and designs. If anything, we try to incorporate creativity into all our work. We want our furniture to directly relate to the life around it and accomplish this with our extensive knowledge. From the initial concept to the final product we understand that materials, the fabrication process, and even installation play a role in the performance and lasting power of our urban furniture.

Commercial Outdoor Furniture Options

We proudly offer a wide range of industrial furniture to Perth and the rest of Australia. The designs range from traditional to contemporary and utilitarian to refined. No matter what the focus and setting are, we can bring your concepts to life. Our products include benches, bike racks, bins, bollards, drinking fountains, parklets, picnic settings, planters, screens, shelters, toilet blocks, and tree guards. Not only are we adventurous in our selection of materials but we also offer several options in finishes to further add to the unique nature of our industrial furniture. We also take pride in the quality of our products as we use sustainably-sourced and high-performance materials.

Our SparkLab is where many of our items come to life. In this truly unique place, inspiration meets research as designers, artists, and innovators discuss new concepts, build prototypes, and try out new methods and processes. The lab also serves as a forum for the review of new projects, be it an idea or a finished product. We believe that all people involved in a project should work together on each stage of that project thus the lab allows for collaboration between customer service, designers, and fabricators. Due to these partnerships on a product from start to finish, they have a greater understanding of that product. This innovation has led to new products such as precinct seats and benches and our one of a kind bone bench.

Contact us today to learn more about our premiere industrial infrastructure products and how to bring your vision to life. We are confident that our experience, abilities, and service can achieve the most daunting of tasks with results that will far exceed your expectations. After all, as far as we are concerned, a challenge is merely a new opportunity.