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Custom Commercial, Outdoor, and Industrial Urban Furniture in Sydney

Your vision for a modern and functional Sydney space is coming together, after long last many pieces are in place, and you’re getting ready to declare it a victory. If the furniture's not in though, it’s not complete! Before the space is ready to be used, you’ll need to find the right industrial or commercial furniture for your Sydney project. That means finding sturdy industrial furniture that will enhance the feel of the space and work well with what you’ve created.

Too often, in a beautifully-designed space, the standard furniture models look like they were dropped in from another (unattractive) world. Rather than echoing the features that make a design work, most commercial outdoor furniture in Sydney just serves its function without reinforcing the overall look and flow.

Spark Furniture is different. By delivering custom outdoor furniture to Sydney and beyond, we aim to elevate your space with bespoke designs that fit your vision. Rather than just plopping in something that fits, we’ll learn about your project and help you create pieces that improve the result. Furniture shouldn’t just sit there!

Use Custom Outdoor Furniture to Create a Sense of Place

After all, furniture can be a lot more powerful than its stationary nature might suggest. Well-designed and comfortable outdoor furniture is key to creating an outdoor space that people actually use. So, if your goal is to create a sense of place that’s coherent and vibrant, making sure your furniture choices reflect that is an important consideration.

“Placemaking” can be a tricky goal for any designer. Balancing practicality with charm for a wide variety of people brings a lot into consideration. Limiting your options with manufacturers who stick to conventional and overused designs can be a deadly move in finding the right furniture for such a project. One thing that’s guaranteed to turn someone off is urban furniture that looks commercial. Benches, seating, and bins that look just like furniture everywhere aren’t going to make a space stand out in the way you need.

By custom-creating furniture instead, Spark Furniture can help you avoid this significant pitfall and create a space that’s as inspiring and unique as the design that went into it.

Finding Creative Urban Furniture in Sydney

As high-end custom manufacturers, we’re used to a challenge. So even if you’ve got a complicated or otherwise trying job for us, we’ve dealt with many different design circumstances and will be happy to create furniture to match your specifications. We enjoy creating exciting custom designs and are always experimenting with new materials and methods to get you what you want while keeping our products fresh and inspiring.

This variety of materials and approach means we can be creative in ways that others can’t. You might be surprised to see what we can do! If you get in touch with Spark Furniture now, we can get started on imagining something beautiful that creates a sense of place for you. You’ll get a unique look that takes your vision for an outdoor space from functional to fantastic.