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Bollards, Public Seats & Bins in Brisbane

We Are the Source for Stylish Bollards, Public Seats, and Bins in Brisbane

The objects largely define the overall look of a place you'll find there, and no individual component is too lowly or utilitarian to make an impact. At Spark Furniture, we understand that and seek to extend our core aesthetic philosophy to every one of our products, which is why we should be your choice for bollards, seats, and bins in Brisbane.

An Industry Leader with Decades of Experience

For almost 30 years, Spark Furniture's design innovators have been perfecting the art of Space Activation, in which we take an individualised approach to every project and design, ensuring that it functions as an organic outgrowth of its environment, animating, and expressing its unique spirit. We firmly believe that better cities begin at street level, and that ethic informs everything we do, from project consulting to products that are a perfect fit for any setting.

Spark Furniture is a dedicated, high-end custom manufacturer who isn’t afraid of unique materials and designs. We also believe deeply in the notion of environmental sustainability, and offer our clients a variety of recycled and composite materials.

Our team of artists, designers and innovators come together in our trademark SPARKLab to craft solutions that incorporate all the best that the contemporary design world offers. This synthesis of ideas drives all our products and project-consulting work and has given us a reputation as industry leaders from one end of Australia to the other.

Bollards with That Unique Spark Touch in Brisbane

If you ask what a bollard is for, the answer should be clear: these are posts that define specific areas of outdoor space, to direct foot and vehicular traffic around them. But they're more than that as well. They also have a design function, and Spark Furniture offers a selection of bollards in a variety of styles and finishes that will make yours the most distinctive Bollards in Brisbane.

We are also the best place in Brisbane for seats that distinguish themselves by their design and craftsmanship. Even a standard bench can be a stand-out, thanks to a range of materials such as the powder-coated cast aluminium and oiled hardwood of our Senate seats. Alternatively, you might opt for the playful wiggle of one of our contemporary Parade benches. Check out our website to see examples of the finest public seats available in Brisbane.

Spark Furniture is also a leading supplier of public bins in Brisbane, again imbuing the basic design with a range of stylistic options that make them the perfect choice for a wide variety of settings. The standard bin enclosure can be modified with a cowl on the top or even a graceful curved roof that transforms this simple, functional item into a versatile component of any design scheme.

With offices in Melbourne and Adelaide we trade throughout Australia, and our Adelaide factory crafts unique products that are 100 percent, entirely Australian made - not assembled here from foreign-made components. Call today to begin transforming your space into a singular vision with the highest-quality bollards, seats, and bins in Brisbane.