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Urban Designs for Custom Outdoor, Commercial, and Industrial Furniture in Melbourne

Finding beautiful furniture that’s going to hold up in an outdoor setting can be a challenge by itself. Making that furniture stand out -- in a good way -- is even riskier still. When experimenting with new designs for commercial or industrial furniture, it can be hard to see the point in picking something creative when it may just come off as odd. Or even worse, trying too hard.

There’s a subtlety to good design that can be the difference between a beautiful piece of furniture that improves a space and something that brings novelty but not much else. At Spark Furniture, we’ve spent the past 25 years exploring this balance. The urban furniture we’ve created in the process masterfully combines uniqueness and fun with stalwart design principles.

In other words, if you’re looking for custom outdoor furniture in Melbourne, you don’t have to sacrifice either consideration. Spark Furniture can design something that’s practical, one-of-a-kind, and fits with your vision. It’s easy to get sucked into thinking the more risk you take, the bigger the reward, but that’s not how we see it. We’ll create something for you that pushes your design forward without pulling people out of their comfort zones. After all, furniture should be comfortable.

Urban Design Doesn’t Have to Be Risky

Spark Furniture takes the risk out of producing bespoke furniture. After decades of manufacturing custom outdoor furniture for clients all over Australia, we’ve developed a range of standard products that showcase how much we can do. See the standard range here to get an idea of how we balance quality with beauty and select materials that are going to stand the test of time in commercial outdoor furniture. You’ll see the variety in what we do here -- from traditional to modern and utilitarian designs, whatever you’re looking for, we can work with that!

Once you have an idea of what we can do, Spark Furniture can also create custom products to fit your needs. Giving you something unique to your space, but also drawing on the experience and proficiency of our entire team to make sure your final product is functional and hardy as well as beautiful. We’ll create something new for you that looks like it belongs.

Creative Urban Furniture Available in Melbourne

One way that Spark Furniture can create such stunning products while maintaining high quality and robust structure is that we’re quite adventurous in the materials we use. We’ve been developing new materials for a while now, which gives the Spark Furniture team more freedom in what we’re able to create for your industrial or urban furniture project. It also means that if you’re concerned about sourcing, sustainability, or material availability, you don’t have to worry!

Our materials make it easy to go green with sustainable, recycled options. Plus, we source all our materials in Australia, so you know you can expect high quality and quicker sourcing. You can get in touch with Spark Furniture today to look at your options, let us know more about the project you’re working on, and find that perfect urban furniture to light up your new outdoor space