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When Are Seats, Benches, Bins, and Bollards in Melbourne More Than Just Seats? When Spark Furniture Gets Involved

When you consider public amenities in Melbourne - seats, benches, bins, and bollards - chances are you don't consider their impact beyond their most basic practical function. At Spark Furniture, however, we do - we see them as part of an artists' palette, with the city itself as the canvas.

Visionary Designers for Almost Three Decades

Operating first under the name Street and Park Furniture, we changed our name to Spark Furniture to reflect what we see as our true mission: to design public spaces - and manufacture the items that get placed in them - that are authentic expressions of the unique individuality of the location.

It's called Space Activation, and it requires us to capture the real sense of space of a location and make sure that it carries through to the final product, whatever it is. The result is a space where people want to gather, a living expression of the spirit that makes it unique. The philosophy can best be expressed in our motto: ‘better cities begin at street level.’

Melbourne's Most Distinctive Seats, Benches, Bins, and Bollards

When selecting seats for your location, you certainly want to have options. You might want to go with a traditional look or something more contemporary; a wooden finish, perhaps, or something metallic for a more modern feel.

Spark Furniture has a full line of seats that can help you achieve a wide range of stylistic goals. In all cases, we manufacture them with the best designs and artistry, in ways that might n

Take, for example, the Milford Decking found in many of our wood-grain products. It's not wood, but a chemical product formed against a wooden mould so that the grain is transferred to the manufactured product. The result is a super-realistic wooden appearance that endures long past the point when real wood begins to fade and chip.

The same approach allows us to produce some of the most high-quality benches found in Melbourne. It's not all wood grain, of course. There is our Mesa Bench, for example, with its sleek, simple lines and sturdy aluminium construction. Or you can choose to transcend the traditional bench concept altogether with our pod benches, which encourages socialisation among groups of people; or the graffiti-resistant, glass-reinforced concrete of our Bone Bench.

Melbourne Bins and Bollards That Set the Standard

Spark Furniture similarly take pains to manufacture bins and bollards that are Melbourne stand-outs. A bin is a place to dispose of rubbish, of course, but it is also a visual element that helps establish the character of a space.

Our bins are available in either wood-grain or metallic finishes, with a selection of colours for your convenience. We also offer fireproof cigarette bins as well as mobile bin posts to which you can anchor your bin for security purposes.

Our bollards, too, are crafted to meet and exceed their performance expectations, and then go above and beyond with a wide range of visual styles. Our Transit Bollard sets a strikingly contemporary tone with its sturdy, galvanised steel construction and reflective cap; while the Senate Bollard - which is also available in an impact-rated variety - boasts a metallic finish and a graceful, elegant design.

The First Call for Melbourne's Finest Seats, Benches, Bins, and Bollards

Call us first when you're looking for seats, benches, bins, and bollards, in Melbourne and around the country. Spark Furniture is a connoisseur, high-end custom manufacturer who is not afraid of alternative materials and designs. All our products are 100 percent Australian made - not assembled here from foreign components - and manufactured with the utmost concern for environmental sustainability.

Call today, and a member of our team will be happy to help you begin the process of transforming your location into a singular expression of space with the highest-quality, most distinctive seats, benches, bins, and bollards in Melbourne.