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Spark Furniture Bring the Most Stylish Public Seats, Bollards, and Bins to Adelaide

For more than a quarter-century, the design professionals at Spark Furniture have considered it their mission to design public spaces that capture the unique spirit of a particular location and outfits them with bespoke outdoor furniture and amenities that meet the same high standards. That has made us the first choice for many in Adelaide for public seats, bollards, seats, and bins.

Better Cities Begin at Street Level

Spark Furniture is an experienced manufacturer of bespoke outdoor furniture who has never been afraid of alternative designs and materials. It's always been our firm belief that we should consider any public space a living part of the city, and the outdoor furniture that we manufacture embodies that philosophy down to the finest detail. The notion is best expressed in our motto: "better cities begin at street level."

We have offices in Melbourne and Adelaide, where you will also find our state-of-the-art factory. Our products are 100 percent Australian-made - not assembled here from foreign-made components - and we strive to achieve environmental sustainability wherever possible. We offer our clients a variety of recycled and certified timbers, as well as recycled plastics and composite materials.

All Spark Furniture's products are made with cutting-edge designs conceived and tested by our in-house team of artists and innovators who are all masters of their craft. We fabricate in a wide variety of materials that includes stainless steel, cast bronze and aluminium, sustainably-sourced hardwood timbers and composite woods. Many of our materials are recycled: we offer our clients a variety of recycled and certified timbers, as well as recycled plastics and composite materials.

The Finest Public Seats, Bollards, and Bins Available in Adelaide

Public seats in Adelaide can come in a variety forms, each an expression of the soul of the neighbourhood it calls home. Spark Furniture has a line of public seats that match each of the faces of Adelaide.

The Rugby Seat is square-jawed and sturdy, constructed from powder coated, hot-dip galvanised steel and oiled hardwood. The contemporary ribbon construction of the Parade Seat makes it a perfect fit for downtown or transit locations.

The bollards and bins of Adelaide similarly sport designs sprouted from the unique DNA of the area, thanks to Spark Furniture selections that include the powder-coated Promenade Bollards - which are available in an illuminated version - and the zinc-plated steel of the GHD Cordillo Bin Enclosure - itself a stylish piece of street art.

Spark Furniture is the product of a broad set of skills, extensive knowledge, and many years of experience by a team of professionals who are each at the top of their fields. Our team has dealt with almost every circumstance in this industry, from designing and creating once-off unique products and bespoke designs, to completing extensive project rollouts with taxing logistics.

Call today and browse our site for examples of our work. One of our team members would be happy to speak with you about ways Spark Furniture could turn any dull space into a vital, integral one.