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Three Public Benches, Bins, and Seats Melbourne Can Learn From

When it comes to public furniture, there doesn’t have to be a cap on creativity. Good furniture design in shared spaces has an enormous effect on the look and feel of the result. Comfortable and fitting seating can be the difference between creating a welcoming community space and a project that goes unused and unappreciated.

At Spark Furniture, we’ve taken this challenge of transforming public spaces to heart. We take great care to create products that solve the unique design challenges of the area you’re constructing or renovating. Starting with an array of high-quality materials, our team of designers and manufacturers creates one-of-a-kind solutions to elevate any public project.

Transformative furniture crafted to fit your needs has been our business for over 30 years. Now we want to bring this experience and passion into your project in Melbourne. Here are a few examples of previous projects and cases to give you an idea of how impactful Spark Furniture can be:

Folding Public Seats Upgrade Adelaide

The Spark Furniture-created, public seats and bike racks that sit along Rundle Street in Adelaide showcase how vital material selection is to the effect of a final product. Part of the Rundle Street Upgrade, this range of furniture was crafted from galvanised laser-cut and folded mild steel. The result is a sleek but sturdy design, which flows along the street while creating an upgraded and modern look for the city.

We were excited to work with NAG (New Architects and Graduates) Design Festival Competition winner Sean Humphries to manufacture this line based on his winning design.

Rundle Mall’s Public Benches

These benches might not look like something special, but on closer inspection, you’ll see how these benches reveal some of Spark Furniture’s finest work. You’ll note the way they meld hardy materials -- ready for the traffic of a busy retail space such as Rundle Mall -- with an open modern look. Public furniture, can’t just look nice. It must stand up to heavy use while staying stable and clean.

After exploring a range of options, we chose to use a few different materials with varied performance characteristics in creating these benches. Together, the materials form a sturdy bench that pleasantly echoes the other design features of the mall.

Beautiful Public Bins Melbourne Should See

Finally, here’s an example of how even bins can be designed to improve and enhance public spaces. Rather than just serving the direct purpose of having a place for rubbish, bins can further emphasise essential design elements in an open area.

These bin enclosures, created for the Onkaparinga Arts Centre, are a customised version of our standard enclosure. Even without the added floral elements, the standard enclosure enhances a bin from eyesore to a welcome piece of the furniture. Adding the cut-out flower pattern allows the barrier to become part of the beauty of the space, echoing the mural that decorates the building.

We worked with mural artist Aurelia Carbone to get the pattern just right.

Now, we bring this creativity and attention to detail to your Melbourne public design project. We’ve learned a lot from the fun things we’ve done with seats and more throughout Adelaide and other cities. Get in touch and get Spark Furniture on board by enquiring here!