iLevel Bin


Introducing the iLEVEL
SPARK’s iLEVEL bin range has been developed in partnership with Smartsensor® and incorporates a fullness level sensor that alerts waste managers when a bin requires servicing.  The patented sensor and software platform enables complete management of your smart waste network and can be supplied in a new custom designed SPARK bin enclosure or retrofitted to your existing network; saving on replacement costs of existing infrastructure.
With real-time and historic data displayed through the customised and intuitive user platform, the result is greater financial efficiencies, reduced carbon emissions, improved environmental efficiencies, increased understanding leading to improved planning and development,  and improved productivity and consumer satisfaction.
The iLEVEL bin can be supplied as a complete smart bin enclosure solution, custom designed to user specifications, or retrofitted to an existing bin enclosure.
iLEVEL is shown here in the Integra bin enclosure.


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