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We Put the Spark into Commercial, Industrial and Urban Furniture in Brisbane

A spark is a flash of light that leaps at you from a scene, instinctively drawing your eye to it. It is also the spark of life that animates a particular space, a hidden soul which a skilled eye discerns and uses as a guide when seeking to embellish it with new additions. This is what we do at Spark Furniture.

A Quarter Century of Providing Commercial Outdoor Furniture in Brisbane

Urban furniture in Brisbane should look a part of the city, enhancing the environment it inhabits, rather than distracting from it. We understand that, which is why we are leading providers of commercial outdoor furniture both in Brisbane and throughout the country.

For a quarter-century, the design professionals at Spark Furniture have been setting standards in designing and creating unique outdoor spaces that seek above all else to be organic extensions of the environment. Operating first as Street and Park Furniture, we chose a new name about two years ago to emphasise what we see as our primary mission: to find the aesthetic heart of a location and bring it to life.

This is the art of Space Activation, and its perfection has been the goal of our professional lives. We are firmly committed to the idea that better cities begin at street level, and that requires us to develop an individual sense of space for each project. That sense guides us through every step of the process and results in a finished product that embodies and enhances the character of a particular space, rather than stifle it beneath a one-size-fits-all template.

With offices in Melbourne and Adelaide - where you'll find our factory as well - Spark Furniture trades all around the country, and all our products are 100 percent Australian-made, not assembled here from foreign-built components, as are the products of many of our competitors.

The Source for Innovative Industrial Furniture in Brisbane

Industrial furniture should follow the same dictate as commercial outdoor furniture: that it be the result of a brilliant synthesis of form and function. Spark Furniture achieves functionality through uncompromising attention to materials and artistry, with designs that embody our core philosophies. Our designs make us the number-one choice for industrial furniture in Brisbane.

We bring a team-based approach to our projects and products, where ideas and inspiration come together in our unique SPARKLab, an in-house incubator in which resident designers, artists, and innovators explore concepts and test new ideas. The result is a consistently high level of project conception and execution that has put us at the forefront of the industry for almost 30 years.

That level of excellence continues through installation as well. We bring a proven, practical approach to the challenges of the process - which, again, are as unique and individual as the project itself. We are not fabricators who do some installation on the side; we will carefully consider every detail and remain at your side throughout the installation and beyond to ensure that your project stays true to the vision that inspired it.

We are professional, high-end custom manufacturers who are not afraid of unique materials and designs. We also remain committed to the idea of environmental sustainability: we are proud to offer our patrons various recycled and certified timbers, and recycled plastics and composite materials.

Look at samples of our work, and then contact us today to begin the process of discovering the animating spark of your location and bringing it to life. For urban furniture in Brisbane, the choice should be clear: Spark Furniture.