Benches, Bins & Bollards - Perth/  

Spark Provides Benches, Bins, and Bollards in Perth

Spark Furniture, previously known as Street and Park Furniture, isn’t your usual outdoor furniture manufacturer. While we do offer a wide array of stock items, we pride ourselves on being high-end custom manufactures of superior and long-lasting benches, bins, and bollards. We have been operating for about 25 years, and every piece that comes from our Adelaide factory is entirely Australian-made. Most of our competitors use imported components, but not us. We feel that better cities begin at street level and incorporate this concept into every piece of our premium quality furniture. We do not take shortcuts on materials either, as we can fabricate items in steel, bronze, aluminium, hardwood, plastics, concrete, and stone. We use as much recycled product as possible since we focus on sustainability as much as we do longevity.

Our Benches in Perth and Elsewhere

We take pride in our large selection of benches and ability to fabricate even the most unique concepts. Our designs range from traditional to contemporary and utilitarian to elaborate. Whether you need a warm hardwood esplanade bench, one of our new spartan yet elegant bone benches, or a curved/serpentine parade bench made of metal, we can deliver a product to meet your needs. If you are looking for a custom bench, we encourage you to contact us early in the project to save time and resources while ensuring we fabricate your vision to your precise specifications.

Bins in Perth

Bins indeed serve a functional purpose, but we believe they should be aesthetically pleasing at the same time. We achieve this by offering bin enclosures in various materials and with extra touches such as cowls, curved roofs, recycling lids, rain shrouds, or even wood-panel sides. Our Cordillo bin enclosures are available with laser cut patterns for a truly unique and attractive option to enhance your bins.

Bollards in Various Shapes, Sizes, and Finishings

Our range of bollards can add the finishing touch to almost any environment. From the simplistic Senate design to the elegant Forum option, we have the right product for any setting and atmosphere. Once more, if you have a custom design in mind, we can fabricate the finished product. Like our other items, bollards are available in several different materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, and even cast iron. As for installation, they can be placed on the ground or a base plate if mobility is a consideration.

All our outdoor furniture is a collaborative process that involves our designers, fabricators, installers, and even customer service team members. We feel that if everyone takes place in this creative process, each department will have a deeper understanding of the product, thus can discuss it more efficiently. This level of service is as important to us as our ability to fabricate unique premium-quality products. If you need benches, bins, and/or bollards in the Perth area contact us today for products that will exceed your expectations and an experienced team that can create even the most exacting custom items as our skills and knowledge are readily available to our customers.